Our Team

Abundant Life Centre currently has a senior leadership team (see photos below), a music team, a children’s ministry team, and at other times, a food team! Plus quite a few people are integrally involved in other community-level activities.

Leadership Team:

Pastor John & Sheila Watson

Mark & Jan Nimmo

Grant & Anne Hardy

Gary Martin (Youth)

Music Team:

Coordinators: Ezra & Alex Robinson
Musicians & Vocalists: Ezra & Alex Robinson, Andrea Hudson, Gary Martin, Steve Taylor, Mike Young, Michele Watson, Helen Wolken, Pauline Hall, John Satterthwaite, Rob Craigie
Sound Technicians & Desk: Mark Nimmo, Fiona Cooper, Jan Nimmo, Anya Bouman, Anna

Children’s Ministry:

Leaders: Gary Martin
Assistant leaders: Avril Ralston, Helen Wolken, Jacob Craig, Rob Higgins, Tracey Jamieson, Grant Hardy, Joannah Harrex, Esther Paterson

Ladies’ Fun Events:

Avril Ralston


Anya Bouman

Brief Notices via text messages:


Please contact Jan Nimmo if you have a notice you’d like sent out.